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Diif operates in the field of business services, which includes marketing and advertising in various forms, and under certain conditions, the areas of activity can be summarized in the following three sections:

• websites
• marketing materials
• printable products

'Websites', as part of our service, include the entire website process from design to finished product. In addition to or instead of the actual website, we can implement an online store that suits your needs.

'Marketing materials' include designing and printing or saving to otherwise appropriate format the materials used in a company's print and digital marketing. Marketing materials can be, for example, business card, logo, brochure, social media advertisement or, for example, trade fair furnitures.

Our services also include 'Printable products', such as business gifts and promotional gifts. For example, a company logo or other illustration can be printed on printable objects.

You can access these three sections and their contents in more detail by clicking on the desired page from the menu.

In all our services we are able to provide related design and implementation, we are able to take care of both visual and content design and implementation.

Diif is an auxiliary business name of Deep Forest Oy (Ltd.), founded in 2017, which carries out part of the company's business. Our basic principles are to offer our services individually, flexibly, with high quality and reliability.

As a small player, we are able to operate flexibly and competitively. Due to our wide range of skills and services, we can operate according to needs with different methods in different environments, which also benefits our customers. The strengths of a company and an entrepreneur also include the richness of the creative imagination, yet simple elegance and clarity.

When you order from our company, we can always be reached at least by phone and e-mail, we can also arrange an appointment at an online conference.

Thanks in large part to our operation methods, we believe that we can offer not only high-quality and desired output but also lower prices than many others. These practices include that company and operations are based on the network environment and remote connections. Another thing that increases cost-effectiveness is also the pruning of actual meetings.

As these practices, the company's extra business office expenses, among other things, do not increase the price of services. In principle, we do not hold concrete meetings. If a meeting is desired, we will primarily arrange an online meeting where we can discuss face-to-face. When communicating, we prefer to use e-mail, in many cases a telephone conversation is also a very efficient and fast way to contact us. When we use the time allotted for work efficiently, we get to do more in less time, and so the cost of the work goes down.

Although we operate mainly remotely, the company also has a actual office in Oulu, Finland. At the office or elsewhere at our agreed meeting place, we can meet our clients if this is desired. In addition, it is possible to pick up printed items from the office.

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Lauri Luhtaniemi

⋆ 2006-2010 Audio-visual Communication, Media Assistant, Vocational upper secondary qualification, KAO
⋆ 2006-2010 Matriculation examination, General upper secondary school, Kajaanin Lukio
⋆ 2012-2015 Child Care and Education and Family Welfare, Children’s Instructor, Vocational upper secondary qualification, KKRO
⋆ 2017 Entrepreneurship Coaching, PSK Aikuisopisto
⋆ 2017 Managing the Company to Grow, Seppo Hoffrén Consulting

Language skills

Finnish: native
English: proficient language user / C
Swedish: basic language user / A
French: basic language user / A

Softwares in regular use

Photoshop — image editing
Illustrator — vector graphics production
InDesign — creating multi-page materials
XD — website design
Dreamweaver — website implementation

Softwares in occasional use

Premiere Pro — video editing
Audacity — audio editing

Entrepreneur's speech

Hey, Nice to have you browsed the page to down here, in this section you can read a few specific things about the company and me that I want to share with you.

I have been an entrepreneur since 2017, my company name is Deep Forest Oy, and Diif is one of the company's auxiliary names. Under the business name Diif, I offer the services found on this website, i.e. the design and implementation of websites, marketing materials and printable products. Under the name Deep Forest, I run an online store at deepforest.fi, there you can find products in which I use as illustrations the nature images I have photographed. If you are interested in nature and wildlife photos, also visit the online store’s Instagram page and Facebook page.

The home for the company and myself is Oulu, where I have lived since 2012. Before moving to Oulu, my home region has been Kajaani and Kuhmo, where I have lived most of my life. These two cities have affected my life pretty much equally, so at its simplest, I say my original home is in Kainuu.

To counterbalance the urban environment, wildlife is important to me. It can be said, perhaps with a slight exaggeration, that I have literally grown up in the middle of the forest for part of my childhood and there I have learned an appreciation for nature and its diversity. I often visit the Kainuu region e.g. because of its magnificent natural values. Oulu also offers opportunities to get in touch with nature, as there are many nature attractions in the surrounding area. Beneath the business activities, I am an avid hiker and I also like to spend time in nature other ways, whenever I get opportunities for that.

It is important for me to offer nature experiences to my daughter as well, that's why often she is hiking with me or we are on other shorter tent trips. When moving around in nature, we can also pick mushrooms and berries for our own needs, which is just awesome. In addition to local nature tourism, we aim to take a longer trip once a year, which in this case means driving around and camping in tent in the spirit of adventure in a northerly direction, i.e. from Oulu all over Finnish Lapland and northern Norway. In the last couple of years, we have made our summer trips to the area of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, shorter, but more often.

You don't always need a car for all longer adventure trips, as you can also travel by bike. In 2021, I cycled about 130 km from Kuhmo to Kajaani. The previous year, my daughter and I cycled about 180 km from Oulu to Kajaani, and we came back also. Much of my company’s services are indoor work in front of a computer, so any kind of camping brings a good counterbalance to that.

As a person I am calm, on the other hand sometimes bursting in a good way, I am more introverted but social. I get along with all kinds of people and things get done with me. My lines of thought are analytical, thirsty for information and curious in a good way, I would like to know and understand almost everything, but the realities of life often strike against me, in connection with this I can say that I am also fascinated by psychology and philosophy.

It is also related to the understanding I mentioned above that a year and a half ago I started studying French, because I have wanted to study it for several years (and the skill may be useful), so I have been studying regularly for 15 minutes to two hours every single day. I will / would like to learn more languages, maybe this a year I start to improve my knowledge of Swedish, after that it would be time for the language of Europe's largest economy, German, then Spanish, Russian, Italian… I have already taken a head start in learning Cyrillic letters.

But, you don’t always have to be doing anything special, even though they often come to mind and you want to tell about them, sometimes it’s great just to be.